Collecting football programmes

Published: 10th May 2011
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People collect various items as a hobby like stamps, coins, newspaper articles, etc. Football programme is one such item that sports fans, especially football enthusiasts, are crazy about. Collectors who go for football programmes are of different types, the casual kind who collect them for the love of the game and the dedicated ones who are serious about those programmes they want either to store as a collectible or bring it back to the market in future.

Football programmes are of different kinds: the last game played at an old stadium, the first game played at a new one, games played by a club, milestones in the career of a player like breaking a record in goals, participation in a game, etc. Programmes of games played decades back get more significance because of their historical value and information they provide. While collecting football programmes, narrowing your attention to a particular era or player would help instead of collecting everything that comes your way. In fact, concentrating on a particular theme is beneficial to you financially too.

In the beginning people go for all programmes regardless of the time and place they were played. However, later on collectors would often stick to a particular country or era for ease of collecting the programs. There is no particular endpoint for these collections. In fact, the only restraining factor for football programmes collectors is the cost. Some of the programmes would cost hundreds and thousands of pounds, especially the ones that took place some time back.

Football is a sports item that has fans all over the world, and not pertaining to a country or continent. Because of this global influence of this game, collection of football programmes can be highly rewarding for you’ll never have to face lack of buyers later. People across the globe have affiliations to a particular team, club or player and hence would be interested in collecting related programmes.

The advantage of a sports programme is that its value only increases as time goes by. If you are a football fan you would have heard of the event where a programme of a game that took place in 1921 was put on auction and was sold for no less than £1650! However, if you are planning to collect football programmes it is much better to wait and collect some information about this passion before you start visiting different auction houses and spending money carelessly.

The best way to collect knowledge on collecting football programme is to check the different websites that would give you valuable knowledge on it. Also, if you know someone who has been collecting these programmes it would be wise to get some ideas from that person before you actually set out to buy them. has a huge range of Football Programmes , Antiques and Sports Memorabilia.

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